Inspiring Future Textile Manufacturing

Alix Enterprises is OEM / ODM Manufacturer has been at the forefront of the sports industry of Pakistan for 15+ years. Our products can be found in all corners of the world and we take great pride in what we do.

A Modern Approach

Alix Enterprises marries decades of experience in the sports manufacturing industry with modern technological advances in the field to provide our customers from all over the world with beautiful products of superior quality.

Looking Ahead

Alix Enterprises is the ability to look to the future with imagination. At Alix Enterprises, that’s exactly what we do with sports. We are a leading manufacturer of Textile Clothing & Apparel, servicing an expanding base of satisfied, international clients.

Who are we ?

Alix Enterprises is a leading as OEM / ODM manufacturer and supplier of sports uniforms based in Sialkot, Pakistan. Founded in 2003, the company specializes in manufacturing sports uniform for a range of international sports brands, teams, school & clubs.

Alix Enterprises enables around the world to meet the growing demands of their consumers in a quality manner with the best in class of modern day technological approaches to Textile manufacturing.

We manufacture the product comfortable and improve wearer performance.

  • Sports Wear / Sports Uniforms.
  • Casual Wear / Street Wear.
  • GYM / Fitness Wears.
  • Boxing / MMA.
  • Leather Wears.

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